Monotypes :: A Question of Balance
Claudia Meyer-Newman
Monotypes :: Also known as the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques, a monotype is essentially a printed painting. The characteristic of this method is that no two prints are alike.

The appeal of the monotype is in the unique translucency that creates a quality of light verydifferent from a painting on paper or a print, and the beauty of this media is its spontaneity,combining techniques of printmaking, painting and drawing mediums. A monotype is essentially ONE of a kind: mono is a Latin word which means ONE and type means kind.

I have signed all the monotypes - 1/1. This represents the unique quality of art making that celebrates the original. One of one.

This body of work is inspired by my love of landscape and my fascination with rocks. Years of stacking rocks, photographing rocks, searching for unique rocks during my travels, collections of rocks that are organized by a multitude of categories including; almost round rocks, heart rocks, rocks with white veins, flat rocks, triangle rocks, tall rocks, black rocks, green rocks and
the list goes on.